Dirty Laces – Breathe

In anticipation of the release of their debut album, Manchester band Dirty Laces have teased us with a brand-new song – and I am impressed. Delving into a new territory, ‘Breathe’ takes a stripped-back approach from the usual indie-rock anthem trait which the boys are known to carry. Emotive and captivating it grips you in from the first chord – and although the song lands at just under 5 minutes – you truly never want it to end.

For the 5 Manchester lads, ‘Breathe’ allows us to see a different side to their indubitable talents, displaying not only vulnerability but courage. And you can’t help but want to praise the boys for the effort that has gone into this song. It needs to be heard.

From the moment you press play on this track, you are whisked to a world of peace and tranquillity. As the piano is delicately pressed and the angelic vocal blares are projected towards you, a sense of calmness arises. It’s different, unique even, but at the same time utterly beguiling.

In the mere distance behind the enchanting melody, a growing hint of an acoustic pluck begins to grow – almost acting as a discrete indication as to what’s to come. That’s when the first verse hits. Isolated and raw, the sheer vocal strength delivered by lead singer Charlie blows you away. The gritty under-tone in which his voice carries contrasts so beautifully with the melancholy rhythm – you are instantly encouraged to sing along with him as he croons each word so cautiously.

It’s not long before the drums kick in, although not fierce, they are still prominent. Making a mark on each note and driving the rhythm to the max, it’s a great head-bopping moment to say the least. It’s at that point you realise that the chorus is about to strike. And wow it’s good. All at once, you are blessed with this musical massacre of stupefying syncopation. It’s catchy. It’s effortless. It’s a crowd-pleaser for sure.

I think it’s fair to say that in any good song, you need the perfect lyrics, and it’s in this area of expertise that Dirty Laces have simply excelled. Metaphorically driven lyricism engulfs the track: “Dying to climb the bricks you’ve laid, to resolve this line I’ll go outside pray to God and I’ll play the game” Charlie sings, depicting the tale of feeling lost within yourself.

Breathe’ is the beautiful ode to that feeling of angst and desperation. But along with the ever-progressing fiery tempo, it’s an anthem to get anyone feeling good. Believe me, when I say, this is a must-have in your playlist. I know I will definitely be adding it to mine.