Dirty Laces – Live Review from their Huddersfield Parish show

Non socially distanced live music is back and what better way to celebrate it than at a “new” venue in Huddersfield.

Many venues faced extreme hardship during the Covid breakout, some have sadly fallen by the wayside and no doubt many more will struggle and fail to carry out the debt brought on by lockdown restrictions too so it’s a delight to see one venue move across town to bigger and better things, tonight we’re at the “New” Parish in Huddersfield. 

It’s the 1st date of a tour for the Dirty Laces, unfortunately, made slightly shorter by the loss of the wonderful Lantern venue in Halifax where they were due to play next weekend – a tour outside of the native lands of Greater Manchester for the up and coming Oldham based band who are fresh from a hot, sweaty much-acclaimed set in the basement at the O2 Ritz in Manchester the previous Sunday and ready to go.

The Laces were the 2nd to the last band I managed to catch before lockdown hit the UK at the fantastic Electronic Church in Burnley where an overexcited smoke machine ran riot and turned the air in the venue into a pea-souper not seen in Burnley since the coal-fired mills were causing chaos to the atmosphere in the 60’s and 70’s so rather fittingly that the band would be the 2nd non socially distanced gig I’ve attended after restrictions have finally been lifted, thankfully the previously errant smoke machine behaved itself tonight.

So what’s changed for them over the past year or so? Quite a bit actually, the band has spent time locked away rather productively – an EP and possibly debut album’s worth of music is going to be winging its way forward sometime soon(ish) and plenty of polish has been added to the band’s already impressive on-stage performance.

Last Sunday’s performance at the Concert For John Hall opened up the eyes to a whole new crowd there just by word of mouth to just how promising this band is becoming, not only is it spreading around Manchester, it’s great to see that it’s growing beyond the wetlands too.

Gone has the “yet another indie guitar band” sound they started out with overtime in its place is a harder rockier experience that could in parts happily sit in any one of the past 5 decades of rock, impressive stuff for the band members lack those actual years.

Support was from a popular young local band, The Slates. A large teenage following was eagerly lapping up their performance which was polished beyond what you might expect from a band that has barely started shaving, the only thing probably more impressive was the marketing of such a young band – plenty of different styles of tee shirts were available to purchase on the merch desk at the rear, dwarfing the options available from the headliners. 

 To the headliners tho it is, The previously mentioned smoke machine has been busy for the last 10 mins setting the ambiance for tonight’s proceedings, the band enter to cheers from a rather eclectically aged audience that seemed to span from teen to retired, replacing the earlier teenage Fanclub which had mostly disappeared and the band is straight into a new song Exile, a statement of intention of what the next 50 minutes are going to bring, energy is high and the crowd seems to latch onto its frantic pace when it gets into its stride.

Up next is These Days, another new song that is clearly an anthem waiting for a large festival crowd to be singing along to with.

Stop, Maybe, Bloodstream and Another Day follow all backing up a similar anthemic intention before playing recent single release Breath dials it down slightly after which we’re treated to an oldie and yet another new track which sets the stage for Laces incredible outstanding track, You. This one track is worth the entry fee alone, it’s simply growing into an absolute live monster with every play, they could probably just do this one track and walk off stage and the crowd would be satisfied and considering the length, it seems to be growing into at some early festival slots this might be the only option….

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