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Dirty Laces – You

Written in the open country of Snowdonia and recorded and produced in Liverpool by Alex Quinn at Parr Street Studios, the single “You” by Dirty Laces brings out a form of existentialism to life in a well written and freedom driven song. The intro brings in a prominent rough sounding guitar, suddenly a calmer riff enters the game and sent me into a trance-like state. The verse becomes a lot cleaner sounding, the music flows in a free-like rhythm but keeps a good sense of control and structure. You can sense some real peace of mind in this section, and knowing the song was wrote in complete isolation just shows how much a great song can be written when complete focus is put upon it.

The chorus adds some real drive and will certainly get a crowd going when they come to do their next tour. It gave me a real lift and gives the song a real turn in the sense of emotions. It also adds some great dynamics going from this peace-like state in the verse to then be driven up by the powerful chorus which gives us a story of breaking free from the shackles of societies expectations of us and doing what we believe in.

A song with a mixture of heavenly sounds and hellish ones, it gives the true dynamic of life and this song does that perfectly with a blend of brit pop along with the rough edge of the metal genre, which is a very intriguing mixture but a mix of which I love to see, a band giving an opposite of two spectrums. It’s a song what tells us we all aren’t perfect but once we can get past our imperfections, we can believe in ourselves and others, a great social message for anyone whether they like this song or not.

This great single will be released on the 7th of March, which is also the start of their next tour which will consist of seventeen gigs from the date mentioned above too Friday the 31st of July. They’re a band definitely worth checking out and with that many gigs on their schedule, I’m sure they will be playing somewhere local to you. The band themselves know how to connect with each other and as I’m sure they will, the question is can they get the same connection with a good fan base? I have high hopes for this band in the coming months.