Ditz – Venture

In between the cracks and crevices of modern-day jangling guitars and unfathomed commercial pop nonsense lays a whole unique universe of untouched and undiscovered talent. If you look past the musical safety net you will only just be scratching the surface of what else is out there waiting to be heard. It’s an adventure and even though you might not find what you were looking for, the chances are you will find something you weren’t looking for. 

Since the start of this year alone, Ditz has already released 8 diverse singles across the social and streaming border. ‘Phoenix’, ‘poet’ and ‘By my side’ are to name just a few. There’s something unconventional about EDM but yet something so inviting. Now don’t get me wrong it’s not to everybody’s taste but if you get it and like it then you’ll love it. 

DITZ is a self proclaimed EDM artist, producer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist. It goes without saying that DITZ’s music is a complete work of EDM art. It’s complex, diverse but ultimately immersive. All these skills have been self taught, crafted and perfected over a four year period. Pretty incredible. 

Venture’ is the latest release and is as compelling as the other releases but much more ear-friendly. An acoustic guitar loop welcomes the ad-venture and is a somewhat similar sound to that of Fleetwood Macs ‘Tusk’. Don’t think Fleetwood mac and EDM go together? Check it out. Even though there’s a lot going on musically, it doesn’t sound scrambled or jumbled in the mix, it’s a little more refreshing than previous tracks. Avicii is an obvious influence not just here but in all of DITZ’s music, the bass drops are timed perfectly and keeps the track fluid before and after. 

With new music already on its way DITZ will certainly be one to watch out for on the not so visible radar.