DMA’S – The Glow

With Britpop inspired swagger, it’s clear to see how the DMA’S have built a following amongst UK indie rock fans despite hailing from Sydney, Australia. However, on their latest album The Glow DMA’S showcase their ability to expand musically with more expansive sounds.

Fusing electronic melodies with dreamy guitar riffs, the album has the sing-a-along in a muddy field at a festival feel to it.

Recorded with Stuart Price, (Madonna, New Order) The Glow is DMA’S statement of intention to being more than a 90s indie nostalgia act. Standout track on the album the loop centric, electronic ‘Life Is a Game of Changing’. A melodic, New Rave inspired song, infused with 80s Madchester and Stone Roses vibes, ‘Life Is a Game of Changing’shows DMA’S have the skills to expand their musical style beyond straightforward indie rock. A high point on the album, the song shows for growing musical style while embracing life and all of its uncertainties. ‘Silver’ and ‘Strangers’ bring a whimsical and more experimental and confident side to the DMA’S song writing. Shimmery and multi-layered, the songs’ blend Tommy O’Dell’s vocals with softer guitars and drumbeats.

Lyrically, the band have explained in interviews that The Glow examines how people are always searching for something better and the exhaustion which comes with it. Shown particularly through title track ‘The Glow’, “Is anybody there, does anybody care, Is anybody out there to believe/ And I’ll give you what you need oh, I don’t know, I’m sick and tired of chasing the glow.” The DMA’S bring vulnerability with radio friendly a chorus, showing frustration as well as ambition.

‘Learning Alive’ and ‘Appointment’ bring a change of tempo to The Glow. The former is a slower and reflective ballad, “How can I tell you, we’re getting better with time,” muses O’Dell over piano keys, before erupting into a stadium ready chorus. ‘Appointment’ is a soft and dreamy track with echoey vocals and catchy guitar riffs. Britpop rock still features on The Glow, notably on ‘Hello Girlfriend’ and guitar thumper ‘Round & Around’.

With its tonal variety, The Glow is more than just another indie guitar album, instead showing how the DMA’S have grown over the years, developing as songwriters and musicians.