Documenting the creation of new music – In Photos from Rob Nicholson.

Rob Nicholson has a long history in music, being a musician in The Wanted and Dead World Leaders (Check them out) and now has started a brand new project documenting the writing process through photography.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to play in bands and was always on the other side of the glass so to speak. I started the project because I wanted to show how different artist and producers create in their space. I didn’t want anything to be staged so I try to capture them in the moment, creating something.

Even if it’s not going well or they can’t get the sound they want the frustration when creating something is a real part of the process and if that comes out in the shot it makes it more authentic”

You can see the calibre of artists his working with, Gold Teeth, Ed Cosens to name a couple.

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