Dogmatic – Buck

Dogmatic’s latest single ‘Buck’, as the name might suggest, is the musical personification of a horse that’s completely lost its rag.

The track is utterly wild, filled with moments of tension and of pure headbanging glory. There’s no subtlety here; just the proper, full-on anger you expect from this genre.

Buck’’s verses are incredibly intense, shifted along at pace by the vocalist’s chanting. Whilst it’s a little difficult to make out the lyrics with all the layers of noise, you still get that feeling that something’s about to snap; and then it does.

The hook is as simple as you can get, but that works perfectly for the brutality of the track.

Buck’ peaks just before the two-minute mark, as the drums go absolutely apeshit and pile into the loudest and fastest part of the song, sweeping you away in the current. This would be the ideal point to end on, but the track then drifts on for a little bit longer than necessary, which counteracts the rush you’ve just experienced.

That’s not to take away from Dogmatic’s efforts though, as they’ve come out with a solid tune that is ferocious and violent and brilliant. Definitely worth a listen if you need to build up the courage to smash something up.