Dolly and the Dinosaur – Leftside

With a rather odd name, one that surprisingly comes from a Peppa Pig quote, you may be expecting something a little more eclectic. But surprisingly, Dolly and the Dinosaur subverts all expectations by delivering a heartfelt alt-rock tune. 

Inspired by a variety of indie and alt rock contemporaries, they deliver a solid track in Leftside. One that’s full of soul and an innocent simplicity that makes for a great and easy listen. 

With a very traditional setup of guitars, clear lyrics, and a straightforward drum beat, Dolly and the Dinosaur play it safe with their delivery. Utilising all the familiar techniques of the genre, full of guitar flourishes, a quiet point during the bridge, and a big finale that’s got a great head bopping rhythm to it. 

Whilst taking one of the safest approaches to a song possible, Leftside still manages to feel fresh and entertaining though. It’s the use of staple moments in a rock track, the charismatic feel of every band members delivery, and a great lyrical composition. 

“The left side of my king size is lonelier without you”, that’s the key hook that tells the listener all they need to know about what the singer is going through. It’s with lines like this that Leftside begins to leave its mark on the listener. 

There’s nothing too fancy or out there about Leftside, it’s just something solid and safe that can be enjoyed by the many rather than the few who want something niche.