Dolly Dolores – Dream

Inspiring (and perhaps warning) the youth to follow their dreams before the contempt of adulthood swallows you up, Dolly Dolores’s dream-pop creation, ‘Dream’, takes us on a blissfully melancholic ride through the artists’ mind.

Released on Domp Records, ‘Dream’ resonates within a sorrowful atmosphere, like the last song played in an empty bar closing for the night. The instrumentation certainly draws from many influences; the chunky, resonant guitar tones are stylistically reminiscent of The Last Shadow Puppets with a floaty, synthy air similar to the likes of Beach House and Angel Olsen. The balance of diverse genre influence creates a sound that feels attractively familiar, inviting you in to then discover something slightly more polished. The hazy instrumentation is certainly a strong embodiment of revisiting a more hopeful time, a time where both the world and the future could be seen through rose-tinted glasses.

Dolores’s vocals perform with infectious soulful power. The way in which both her emotion and lyrics can still be felt through the mosaic of reverberated melodies is an ode to both herself and the overall mix of the track. Her vocals elegantly hold your hand as she guides you through the stages of her thought process and sympathetic reflections. Taking a very literal approach to the song’s theme, Dolores warns, “dream whilst you can, ‘til you can’t, ‘cause they take your dreams from you”.

Dream’ works undeniably strong at projecting its a wistful theme in a strikingly artistic way. The whole journey feels like more of an experience than a song as it sucks you up into an ethereal plane of sound which, despite its forlorn nature, feels magically comforting in knowing it’s not just you who has left your dreams in the past.