Don’t Call Me Ishmael – Prague By Night

Don’t Call Me Ishmael are a pop-rock band from Staffordshire, specialising in ‘romanticised’ alternative music.

Over the space of 5 years, the outfit have released three albums and a bunch of singles to go with their ever-growing repertoire. Known for their fierce pop music that uses heart-on-the-sleeve romanticised flare, they return with their first single of 2020 ‘Prague By Night’. Truth-soaked lyrics, razor-sharp harmonies and a warming melody that buries into your soul, there’s a subtle folk storytelling to its core. 

With it’s inspiration seeds lying in the TV series Gilmore Girls, the high-tempo is an electrifying concept of pop madness. Stacked with driving bass to go with the razor-sharp harmonies, the lyrics find it’s way through the instrumentation with both feet moving forward constantly. It looks at the importance of exploring and experiencing the world and trying to escape life’s mundane pressures and expectations.

In a time where we’re all needing an adventure, this is a track that will certainly keep your spirits high while in isolation. Only thing I could say as advice is to make the song slightly longer, Don’t Call Me Ishmael have definitely left me wanting more music! A wonderful single taking from their upcoming Summer EP, one of four EP’s that will be released by the band in 2020/2021 to tie in with the changing seasons.