Image Credit: © Jon Shard

Doves – Carousels

Swapping out guitars in favour of a more experimental approach, Manchester indie trio Doves release their first new single in 11 years.

After making their return to live performance in March 2019 and playing a handful of festival appearances throughout the summer, ‘Carousels’ is their first new release since their 2009 album Kingdom of Rust. Described by the band as “a future-facing statement of intent,” the track is built from a drum beat from late drummer Tony Allen adding in synth beats, piano and basslines to create a light and melodic track.

By opting to “play” the recording studio as an additional instrument the warped sounds on ‘Carousels’ gives the song a floating feeling towards it. The distorted effect on Jimi Goodwin’s vocals adds to the hazy feel of the song, fitting with the songs theme of a recollection of the past.

In a statement on the single, drummer and vocalist Andy Williams as describes the track as “a reminiscence” of places they’d visit as kids, making ‘Carousels’ is a trip back to childhood memories. “Places where you had your first experience of sound systems and music being really loud,” he added.

While the track is inspired by looking back into the past, musically it’s a new and fresh step for Doves. By straying from the well-trodden indie rock formula in favour of new sounds and styles, Doves have managed to bring a fresh style on ‘Carousels’. All while still maintaining the perceptive, and somewhat lonely, character of their music.