DR!FTWOOD – 4:45

Capturing infamous indie-rock and Manchester sounds, the Mancunian lads of DR!FTWOOD share their latest single, ‘4:45’.

Fading in from feedbacked white noise, the moody vocals of DR!FTWOOD are reinforced by on the beat 4/4 rhythmic hits and a fairly empty guitar melody in the kind of stylistic build-up that ruled the pop-rock world of the late noughties. As most likely anticipated, the drums get slightly fuller as the electric guitar crescendos into the track’s poppy verse. The stylistic choices already feel very prominent from the first verse and though performed and mixed perfectly fine, just feels dated.

Not every act can pioneer the new wave of indie pop/rock, in fact it’d be quite erratic if every single piece of music was a distinctive contrast from one another, but it’s just a shame to see able musicians regurgitate something from the past that has already travelled past its peak. Of course, we all loved the golden age of Kings of Leon and the Killers, but to hear the same tonal, structural and melodic choices over and over again is just stale.

The middle-8 lasts quite a bit longer than usual but just feels like a dragged out build up, adding an extra minute of playtime to the song for the sake of it. The instrumentation does diversify slightly to fuller guitars and bright synth riffs that just stick to a major key within the tracks standard chordal structures.

All in all, ‘4:45’ is fine. It’s mixed well, it’s polished, but is rather unexciting. It carries the air of northern laddish-ness that would appeal to fans of The Coral, Royal Blood, Blossoms, the Maccabees etc. but feels very repetitive. It’d be gratifying to see the group try and delve into something a little less typical next time by applying their influences to a fresher style as opposed to falling into the all too glorified all-male, white, northern indie-rock guitar band doing the bare minimum.

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