Drissy Parker – Night/Fall

‘R&B meets hip-hop’ producer and artist Drissy Parker is one of those finds that you simply can’t get out of your head. Single “Night/Fall” is taken off recently released 3 track EP ‘After 12’, and serves as a track that captures a vibe that’s best heard at night. A chilled out track with contemporary hip-hop sensibilities, ‘Night/Fall’ uses trap beats, autotune vocals and spacious synth sounds to tell its story.

Capturing the privacy of a relationship with no strings attached, the track feels vulnerable in a way that it doesn’t necessarily believe fully in love. A lack of faith and a lack of optimism as such, it’s a track that simply resonates with thousands during the Pandemic. Giving a sense of loneliness while comforted by it’s confident production, ‘Night/Fall‘ escapes darkness while still feeling fearful of uncertainties.

Nevertheless, the overall reception from Drissy is excellent. An artist that’s found their rhythm, sound and most importantly, identity, ‘Night/Fall’ was written, produced and self-recorded all by Drissy.

Sent off for further mastering by Jay Kurzwell of Dreamville, the release (and EP in general), is a soundtrack to those cold nights, when you’re needing some sort of comfort.