Dune Blue and Surfer Girl – Clocked Out

You can almost taste the sea air and feel the sand at your feet in Dune Blue’s latest single. WIth help from former Aer frontman, Surfer Girl, we have been blessed with. 

This sunkissed single opens with some reggae like rhythm guitar, to then be joined by some floaty electric guitar melodies. The song then melts into a bouncy groove, with the bassline and drums coming in, making it impossible not to bop your head to the addictive beat. 

Surfer Girl and Dune Blue have managed to encapsulate the chilled, relaxed aura of the beach. There is much to be said about his ability to create these feel good, nostalgic melodies, which are most prevalent in the guitar work. The lyricism does nothing but enhance this care-free vibe that is already present in the music itself. 

The song was birthed throughout lockdown, and the two artists did not let the distance between them stop them. They built the song up brick by brick and have created something that did not let the circumstances get in the way. The joyful nature is incredibly positive considering the dark times it was written throughout, which is undeniably admirable. 

On top of the music itself, Dune Blue has treated us to a music video that goes hand in hand with this up-beat bop. The film aesthetic feeds into the nostalgic feel, and there are a lot of laughing and carefree moments that make it a joy to watch.