Dust In The Sunlight – Old Dream

Dust in the Sunlight blend delicate songwriting with breathtaking imagery within their sound, creating an alternative pop meets indie soundscape. Taken off their newly released, self-titled debut EP, ‘Old Dream’ draws elements of acoustic music with indie-folk to portray its story.

As the final track on the debut, the distinctive harmonies interweave through guitar melodies while staying true to its original demo. By sticking with the sound of their original demo, it creates this other-worldly landscape, making it utterly bewildering.

Comprising of singer-songwriters Billy Wright (known for being in alt-pop band ARCAVES) and Annie Rew Shaw (who also goes under the name of Austel for her electro-pop songwriting), the two voices complement each others elegantly. ‘Old Dream’ tells the tale of retracing your steps with a different perspective.

Seeming to let go of it’s past and looking hopeful for the future, the last track on the EP sends fans a gentle wave, but implying this is still very much the beginning. 

Lyrically, the story is heartfelt and follows in the footsteps of the songwriters own solo careers. Musically, the track builds in emotions but not quite in dynamics. Highlighting the simplistic approach is sometimes the best option, ‘Old Dream’ still has the power to capture your attention and hold it tightly.

The track feels like it could have been produced with a wider production, making it into some sort of ballad if going down further into mainstream-pop, but the production they went with is simply mesmerising. There is nothing negative or improvements to be said about this track and two-piece, the duo ooze with talent and continue to shine within the alt-folk world.