Dust Monk – Choppy Waters

Whatever waters Dust Monk are currently swimming in, they need to keep the momentum. Straight off the mark of their critically acclaimed first single, ‘Choppy Waters is an unconventional number that weaves many different genres to create a trademark sound.

Written about people choosing a more difficult path in life when there’s always an easier route, this familiar number walks upon the ground that we’ve all encountered. Teaming up with Liverpool based label Jacaranda Records to release the track at the end of July, this interesting concept is based around an easy-listening attire yet still makes you instantly tap your feet.

Reminiscent to artists such as David Bowie and Jarvis Cocker, aka two eccentric artists that will always be legends, Dust Monk’s new single even dives into the world of disco to create a song that’s best described as their own.

Unhinged and coupled up with a thought-provoking arrangement that could never be predictable, what makes this track stand out you ask? It’s authentic nature. It’s diverse, unique and straight-up wacky in places – what’s not to like?

With a growing fanbase behind them plus the support of BBC Introducing, Dust Monk’s future looks big, as long as they find the right people to gel with them – we think it’s certainly on the cards though.