Dust Monk – Dying to Lie

Refusing to follow the typical indie rulebook of creating a band, and trying to be like the Arctic Monkeys, Dust Monk are creating something unique in their debut single. Titled ‘Dying to Lie, the modern infused single may reminisce the nineties and noughties era, but looks forward with it’s innovative sound – ready to change the world forever.

Working alongside produced John Withnall, who’s previously worked with the likes of Coldplay, Elbow, Rihanna, and The Coral to name a few, it’s safe to say that Dust Monk are associating themselves with the right people on stage and off stage too.

Instrumentally, the track is laid-back and revolves around an easy-listening arrangement that’s ready for you to get lost in. Following a simplistic approach to get their point across, ‘Dying to Lie’ focuses on how a human can leave all their principles behind them when they’re desperate to get something.

From first impressions, the title ‘Dying to Lie’ seems like it may be a hard rock or metal infused track. Literally the opposite, ‘Dying to Lie’ is hazy-pop and somewhat lo-fi. Sounding like it was recorded in a small location and then edited to make it sound completely enchanting, the track’s concept is captivating and a strong debut.

Dying to Lie” is coated with mellow acoustic vibes that are suited for sitting outside in the sunshine with a cocktail in one hand and a paper fan in the other.