E.W. Harris – Bad Ghost

Hauntingly beautiful, this post-apocalyptic number will have you weak at the knees. Bathed in alternative folk elements that come across as experimental in places but definitely vivid more than anything, ‘Bad Ghost is the latest single from Brooklyn based singer-songwriter E.W. Harris.

Armed with one of the craziest yet captivating storylines you’ll hear this month, the track tells the story of a character based in a post-apocalyptic future accidentally acquiring a secondary soul – you think that’s crazy enough… brace yourselves.

The character is then killed and after death, feels guilty about the whole thing – we did warn you it’s crazy. Saying that the politically charged number is a single that you won’t be getting enough and will constantly be stuck on repeat, trying to hear every ghostly echo.

Charming and a folk number that comes across as homely, this is the first single that features the newly formed Hanging Dilettante Records production team. A collaboration that’s best served with a good set of headphones on and your full attention, ‘Bad Ghost‘ feels like it could be made into a breathtaking, cinematic movie with the fascinating storyline at the front of it all.