Echo November – Fall Into Me

Echo November haven’t been together for that long, but that doesn’t determine their ability. With their debut single “Thrown Into the Sea” generating over 15,000 streams, it’s safe to say the band are working their way into the limelight. “Fall Into Me” was shortly released after their debut track and the band have been catching all the streams so far and putting them in their pocket for safe measures.

Early days for the band, but they’ve reached out to a wide audience and have gained another fan in myself! Currently working on their debut EP and achieving multiple plays on radio stations with their two singles, could we be in the presence of the next big thing?

First thing that grabs you with the track is the huge production. It’s produced with a fair amount of reverb coating the atmosphere to feature an angelic approach to the track. I have to say though, the vocals seem slightly unmixed and not as prominent as they should be. Lyrics wise, the song deals with the contentment feeling of love.

Spacious and plenty of room for activities, the space implicates love perfectly and reminds us of ‘floating on a cloud of love’. Taking us through a journey of two lovers who have realised that they have strong feelings for one another, it’s rare to get a song so in depth. Usually, chart music mainly, showcases the break up phase of a relationship or the ‘sexual’ part, but Echo November say all the right things and not in a too graphic way either!