Dreamlike, mysterious; Ed Cosens is outstanding in this perfect single to kickstart his forthcoming album. A very sad song – but, nevertheless, the Reverend and the Makers guitarist and co-songwriter has thrown all of his skills in to construct a well-produced, captivating addition to his repertoire. I am extremely excited for this album, and I don’t think he could have chosen a better first single.

The instruments are what make this tune so ethereal – first, we’re hit with drums and gloomy guitar riffs that are reminiscent of old western cowboy films. Ghostly electric guitars slide up and down, building momentum as we wait for the tempo to change. Cosens’ voice is something else when we get to hear it. Clear and almost transparent, his melody pairs flawlessly with the instrumentation. I’m even more blown away when harmonies are made prominent in the chorus. The bridge is what stands out for me; a sort of breakdown, drums are diminished, and pianos are heard, playing a simple chord pattern. I was instantly reminded of Fleetwood Mac’s live 1977 version ‘Rhiannon’, which is just as ethereal, and in which a similar breakdown is heard. I don’t know whether this was a sound he was going for, but I hope he’d be pretty pleased at such a comparison.

He sings, ‘How can I let my heartbreak if I’m breaking it myself?’ Oh, Ed! A lot of swooning ladies at that line, for sure. The melancholy tone is unmistakable throughout this track, and he ends the tune on a sad note but leaves the question… will his heart be mended? A very clever opening single for ‘Fortunes Favour’, his debut album due early 2021. Maybe fortune is in his favour and he finds love again…? Who knows! I for sure hope he does.

I am expecting big things from Ed Cosens regarding his debut LP, finally coming out of the shadows and into his rightful place in the light – I just hope the rest of his album doesn’t fall short of the spectacular opening, ‘If’, as he’s really set the bar at an immense height (Although, if he co-wrote tracks for Reverend and the Makers are anything to go off, I don’t think he has anything to worry about).