Edel Helena – Lonely People

I’m not sure if anyone has noticed but the stay indoor vibe that has being such a ‘thing’ over the previous months, has meant many a performance has gone unseen and unheard. Luckily these musos emphatic in delivering what they know needs to be heard, haven’t stormed off and told the promoter he’s a prick.

Instead, there has been a shift, mavericks creating laboratories of sound, irrelevant of the lack of knowledge or a ‘dead room’ and ‘giving love for music a go in lockdown’. (Or, making a private den from our loved ones).
This track from Edel Helena shows that there hasn’t been just melancholic blues resulting from this lockdown.

She says herself ‘it was tough to learn everything and learning how to be a techy for dummies!’, but as her self-proclaimed first demo this track hits an up-stroke funky kind of groove that we might need right now. The track rolls in with rhythmic bar chords alongside some smooth synth, you could have walked into a bar in ‘Vice City’ if you shut your eyes. 

The unashamed drum machine backing has great tone, and again gives nuance to those 80’s flash backs, transitioning smoothly into a looser choral guitar into the verse. The voice is a good one, Alison Goldfrapp was a comparison that came to mind, and this is a good one. Edel gives the song like she is in your ear, this is her song, and she has a good dynamic, punctuating the song and chaperoning us through. 

It’s a smooth, feel good track, good for dancing in heels or flip flops. Would be perfect for the catwalk in the new spring/summer collection or equally for an evening barbeque mega mix. The outro creeps in with some great jungle drumming, and I’d have liked to hear that come in sooner in the track, would be great in a breakdown. Now, where’s my rubber ring?