Edge of Desire – Internet’s Children

Emerging UK band Edge of Desire return with one of the finest tracks you’ll hear on the internet today. Titled Internet’s Children’, their latest offering is filled with angst and geared up emotions that need to be shouted from every rooftop. About to take 2021 by storm, this duo are hitting the scene with their signature sound – alternative rock mixed with dashes of avant-garde. Largely inspired by the political climate the world is currently in and how the internet is addicted to cancel culture, ‘Internet’s Children’ comes in a time of need and refuses to be another track that people push to the side.

A huge middle finger up to the clickbait articles that reel people in, jumping to conclusions before they even know the facts, ‘Internet’s Children’ may have a frustrating message but it’s arrangement is coated with energetic, optimistic instrumentation and will leave you longing for freedom.

The internet is a powerful thing, in good ways but also bad. Edge of Desire hit the nail on the head on its negative perspective, but also showcase how astonishing it can be when releasing music. Being able to promote your music online to people you’ve never met before is powerful in itself, and at the moment, as a globe, we must keep looking for the positives in every situation.

“Internet’s Children” will make you feel proud of Edge of Desire for having the balls to speak about what’s on everyones mind.