Edinburgh Fringe – Diary of a Comedian:​ Fran Garrity Day 3

Hi, Day 3 will be busy, no time for Chino’s.

I start the day with a top-notch breakfast from the City Cafe, well worth it and makes up for yesterday’s debacle.

Gig 1 – Sees me host the pick of the Fringe show at 11.45am.

4 comedians do short ten spots and promote their shows too.

Now, there are a lot of comedians in Edinburgh, some I know most I don’t know.

At 11.45 I start the gig with one comedian.

Two are running late and I don’t know where the other one is, never met him before, dunno what he looks like. I’m confident he’ll turn up at some point.

The audience sometimes turns up late too and the only way I can address this is by asking any bloke that arrives ‘are you a comedian or audience member? – It was like a live comedic version of Guess Who.

I ask this five times (not to the same bloke, that would be mental)
All sorted through, lovely gig and back again tomorrow.

Gig 2 – Best in Class, quality gig this, love doing it.

We flyer for the show for an hour before and try and get a full room, today was busy.

Edinburgh was heaving, sunshine out. After just over half an hour I receive a text to say you can stop flyering, the room will be full.

Yes, another sell-out – you MUST come and see this gig.

Sorry to Adam and Carl who had to be turned away from the gig, no offence lads.

Today I spent a lot of quality time with other North East comics and got to see some great shows, Rob Mullholland, Sir Dickie Benson and Matt Fong – All great fun and highly recommended.
(You must come and see Best in Class.)

You sometimes get to see the odd celebrity also in Edinburgh and today was no different. Today I saw that Phil Mitchell off that Eastenders getting out of a cab with his family.

Usually, a nod, hello or a smile will suffice, I thought he won’t do a selfie – probably get called a slag if I asked.

However I wasn’t the only one who clocked him, this woman ran across the street paying no attention to the oncoming traffic and no consideration of the highway code approached him, iPhone selfie-ready and asked ‘Excuse me Phil’ not realising that Phil is a fictional character from a popular soap opera…’Can I get a selfie?’

I thought oh no!

He turned to face her looked sternly like he was in the Vic or the Arches.

‘Can’t you see I’m busy?!’

I was expecting the term slag again but it wasn’t used.

I shouldn’t have done this but without hesitation and perfect timing I looked at them both and to break the ice I said ‘dum dum dum dum dummer dum’

Fran Garrity is appearing at The Edinburgh free fringe – as part of Best in Class, Counting House (Loft) 3.30pm.