Edited People – Queen For A Week

Has your latest playlist got boring? Are all the bands starting to sound the same? Look no further than the unique sound of Edited People. They take what they like from a variety of different music genres to create a very special sound. Their latest single ‘Queen for a Week’ is no exception.

Starting with a slow hip-hop esque backing beat with rhythmic vocals, the song has a funky feel to it like you are going to be dancing to this one. Then like flicking a switch the intensity ramps up for the chorus and in comes a more alt rock vibe as the chorus is blasted out over the beat. The guitar riff is great and really boosts the song and its intense feel, whilst also making a good transition between the chorus and the verse. The vocals show great variation and skill throughout the song. 

‘Queen for a Week’ sings about wanting to have no money worries and that ‘money doesn’t mean anything’ which is something we all want and desire, but what I also want is to hear more from Edited People. 

Its nice to hear music that blends different styles to form their own unique form of music and show off their creative passion. The distorted instrumental riff and beat at the end of the song is the perfect teaser to make you crave more and hopefully another single or even an album is coming soon.