Edward Sansom – Suck It Up

Alternative rock songwriter Edward Sansom has been turning heads with his vibrant number for years. Following in the successful footsteps of previous single ‘Can’t Fight Them All’, ‘Suck It Up radiates a darker side to the artist. Exploring darker realms of guitar-driven pop music, we hear the songwriter go down a different avenue in the new single.

Evolving into an artist that deserves to be on everyone’s radars, there’s no limiting Edward to one style, and that’s what makes him stand out firmly from the rest. Written before the pandemic actually hit, which feels like so long ago, ‘Suck It Up‘ actually feels more relevant during these uneasy times than ever.

Reflecting a time where fake news spreads faster than true news, it also feels like this could be interpreted with cancel culture too. We’re currently in an era where if you don’t follow the crowd, you’re treated like an outcast, and ‘Suck It Up‘ feels like a reaction to that.

A reaction in the way that you should always be true to your own colours, this track feels like it could complete the divided again and conquer many obstacles we all encounter.