Einsam – Pressing Matters

Einsam’s latest release ‘Pressing Matters’ pairs staggered synth textures with electronic drum beats in the form of breezy electro-pop..

Relative to the current climate we find ourselves in due to COVID-19, ‘Pressing Matters’ focuses on how highlighted the importance of physical touch becomes to us when we are separated from one another. The relatable topic of the track certainly reaches a communal hand out to us, assuring the listener that we are all experiencing heightened emotions and are missing simple aspects of our day to day lives (i.e., physical contact).

Fading in with a passing siren, rhythmic bass pads accompany Einsam’s vocals straightforward vocals. Building in texture, sharp-cutting guitar chords are scatted amongst the music, contrasting with the synthesised elements, creating a more industrial-like atmosphere.

The chorus introduces female backing vocals which balances well with Einsam’s vocal line. The new section adds a few short metallic soundscape effects but aside from that, remains a little undistinctive from the rest of the track.

Pressing Matters’ is just under four and a half minutes of very linear sound, lacking slightly in direction. The music’s aura is no doubt calming and fitting for a background accompaniment but isn’t quite as effective as a piece of music to sit down and objectively concentrate on as it just lacks a certain grip. The hints of electronic experimentation show themselves subtly throughout the song but don’t work together in an attempt to create something a little more engaging. Due to the lack of differentiation, the track feels like it’s been dragged out longer than necessary, leaving attention levels to dwindle towards the end of the music.

The inspiration behind ‘Pressing Matters’ lyrics does reassure and connect our feelings during this altered reality, but just lacks a passionate spark in the form of its composition this time.