Eka June – Levels

Classically trained, French born, London based, singer-songwriter Eka June has returned with her new single, ‘Levels’. Written by Eka June herself, the track features soulful, uplifting lyrics with a stellar band, including some of the most sought-after London jazz musicians, including Blue Lab Beats’ David Mrakpor and bass player Jonathan Moko.

Eka June’s previous releases have received huge amounts of support, her previous single, ‘NEEDU!’ premiered on Fame Magazine, and currently has over 27,000 views, with fans labelling the track as ‘lush’ and ‘emotive’. ‘Levels’ sees Eka June add a variety of new sounds to her palette, her voice and lyricisms provide something incredibly unique, proving that Eka June is about to reach new heights.

Speaking about the track, Eka states, ‘all I want is this song to help me, and others, remember that out of a negative situation, something beautiful and positive can come.’, ‘The difficulty can ultimately lead to a better understanding of ourselves and our purpose’.

Plugged into the present London scene, Eka June’s music is inspired by the world of Jazz yet taking those conventions and ‘refreshing them’. The result is a divine mixture of jazz, neo-soul, and hip hop. Eka’s lyrics often speak of relatable life situations and the way that we, as people, reflect on them. She combines her personal stories with metaphorical lines to create vivid, poetic imagery.

Eka has already played at some of London’s most loved Jazz venues, including Oliver’s Jazz Bar, Jazz Café Posk and Camden’s iconic Dublin Castle. Eka June has also played amongst the National Jazz Youth Orchestra, making her a rising star within contemporary Jazz.

With ‘Levels’, Eka June seriously excels. Her relatable, passionate lyrics bode beautifully with the band’s instrumentation. This track is certainly a standout number in Eka’s discography, ‘Levels’ features a strong and important message that listeners will definitely relate to, especially after this year.