Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test – Peaches

Firstly, that’s one groovy stage name. Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test are a trio specialising in creating indie music that’s destined to make you move. Move your way onto your homemade dance-floor during lockdown, ‘Peaches‘ is the latest anthem from the Wellington, UK based three-piece.

Comprising of Davey Roberts (guitar and vocals), Ross Maclean-Bryant (bass) and Tobias Faulkner (drums, guitar and production), the wall of sound that Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test deliver is extraordinary.

‘Peaches’ is a glistening indie-pop number that nudges towards a disco arrangement. Upbeat and something the world needs more than ever, this lively single was recorded at Tobias’ studio ‘Hollowhome Studios’, where all the producing was done there by him. Telling the tale about the end of a relationship, the relatable number speaks about how both sides may be ready to move on, but as happy just being stuck in their rut.

About being comfortable and ‘settling’, ‘Peaches’ grabs hold of the uncertain subject and lets listeners know that no matter what situation you’re in, things do get easier. An impressive single that deserves to be a hit in the pop world, it’s something that will certainly stick a smile on your face.