Elion Melody – In the Wrong

There’s nothing wrong about Elion Melody’s new single and we can tell you why. Breathing confidence throughout, this mature offering puts its hands up and clears its conscience of emotional wrongdoing. A reflective number that I wish more people would get on its level, ‘In the Wrong’ reminisces foolish mistakes while serving as an apology for anything bad that might have happened in the past.

Elion’s second single of the year is an R&B infused journey through an addictive soul soundscape. This emerging artist from New York City doesn’t lack in any substance on stage and off. Armed with an authentic, relatable sound, ‘In the Wrong’ feels slightly vulnerable due to its emotive message. Having the real potential to be the next big R&B artist, this could easily win the heart of the teenage generation. When you’re in your teens, you’re constantly making mistakes that you regret, and this valuable track details that we always learn from these situations.

Going into more depth, the track is about Elion’s mistakes and lacking empathy during a past relationship. An apologetic number that all mistreated exes need to hear, ‘In the Wrong’ states to always be the bigger person and apologise.

Be the better person and get this track in your life – it’s a sensational performance straight from the heart.