Elise – Cowboy

The heating’s on and you’re listening to Elise’s latest release… we can’t think of a better way to spend your day. Recorded just before lockdown hit, ‘Cowboy’ is the latest release from Independent artist Elise. Her first track of 2020, the reminiscent track is coated in folk-pop flavourings and a dream-like production. 

A track that journeys through childhood memories, the track’s theme soars through regret and guilt from growing. ‘Cowboy’ details how time can heal our scars and reconnect us to our roots. Recorded with that in mind, the nostalgic arrangement feels close to home, especially during the world’s current state. 

Elise is a songwriter that has been soaring the sky ever since her debut EP ‘These Thoughts’ was released back in 2019. Channeling a fierce singer-songwriter influence, ‘Cowboy’ is mainly based around a soft folk atmosphere. Gathering a slow momentum as the track builds, the track feels like it could have been even more captivating if there was an added guitar line or a solo. You can picture a gentle lap steel guitar line gliding through realms of passion.

Nevertheless, the overall soundscape is breathtaking and Elise’s vocals are sure to win over your heart.