Elyse Chapski – Running Out

There is nothing more satisfying then finding that perfect song to add to your heartbroken playlist (I know we’ve all been there). And after listening to Elyse Chapski’s latest release ‘Running Out’ I know exactly where this track needs to go.

Imitating that of a broken heart, this love-struck pop-ballad is simply iconic. In every note that’s struck and every word that’s sung, the indisputable talent of Chicago based Elyse shines through.

Nothing screams ‘I was made for the charts’ quite like a melody made up of synth-toned grooves. And, just like any other pop-artist, Elyse has stuck to this modern agenda. But that’s not a bad thing. The pulsating beats woven through the track allow for that drive of up-beat energy to shine through, causing your heart to beat that little bit faster. Causing your heart to sing a little bit louder.

Along with this fiery rhythm, there are also subtle hints of shy piano strikes. Magical and elegant, the fairy-like chimes hidden within the notes have the power to swerve any listener into a reverie. Engrossing you entirely.

Living and breathing to tell the story of slowly giving up on love, it won’t come as a surprise to hear that ‘Running Out’ thrives of its lyrics. Early phrases such as “But you go and complicate and turn my mind into a big maze” and “Should I just walk away, that’s what all my friends say” act as the perfect narration to this heart wrenching tale of love and loss. And then, combined with Elyse’s angelic vocals the perfect concoction of lyricism and melody is born.

There is nothing I can fault about this release and it definitely needs to be heard. So, give it a search, give it a listen, and get it added to that playlist. Trust me, you won’t regret it.