EMBLM – Darken My Doorway

Following in the footsteps of the last solo release ‘We Are All Made of Water’, London based, Manchester-born multi-instrumentalist and producer EMBLM continues the astonishing releases with electro-pop infused number, ‘Darken My Doorway. In no ways dark, this glistening, bright single may come across as emotive, but it’s poised with a refreshing outlook. Describing the scene of a five hour night drive home after a relationship has gone sour, this is the type of track you stick on when you’re needing to scream lyrics to the whole world with how you’re feeling.

Mainstream in places with its pitch shifted vocals and simple production, its the tracks breathtaking secret sections that steal the show. Not just the generic four chords you hear in every song, EMBLM’s latest single also drifts into comforting corners of hope. It sounds like James Blake collaborated with The Weeknd and Shawn Mendes musically, and we’re completely living for it. Memorable from the get go, this radio-worthy single is a true asset to EMBLM’s ever-changing bow.

A track that will linger in your head after you’ve listened to it, ‘Darken My Doorway‘ deserves to be stuck on repeat while you may be able to relatable to every moment of it.

Simply lovely.