Emilia Tarrant – Here You Are, Again

This new piece by the Winchester singer-songwriter is one which grabs hold of you from second one, with the elegance and passion of her voice making it impossible to not sit up a little straighter and become instantly engrossed.

Combining charming subtlety with her ability to create such full, intense vocals, with Here You Are, Again Tarrant has reached a high point in her short but already impressive beginnings.

Having written with Starsailor’s James Walsh and Amber Run’s Joshua Keogh, it’s quite clear why she is already becoming quite the sort after young artist. She has developed with subtle changes in her sound as the tracks continue to roll out of her, but has kept the core of her songs simple, focussing on her biggest strength, the unique beauty of her voice.

There is a wonderful strength which she possesses in her voice, and uses to full effect, almost boastfully, as she fires through this track, each note seemingly more powerful than the last.

To think she is writing and creating music this masterful at the age of nineteen is mind boggling, almost scary, and you can’t help be wonder just how good she will become as she continues to grow.