Emily Lockett – Paint the Town Red

Picture this, it’s a hot summers day, you’re driving down a country road, hair in the wind and life is good. Now try and imagine what music you would be playing. Well, after listening to Emily Locketts upcoming EP ‘Paint the Town Red’ I know for sure these are the songs I would choose. A saturated dosage of pure happiness hidden within 5 funky tracks; this upbeat-country release is the beautiful ode to that feel-good-factor that we are all in need of right now.

“Paint the Town Red” is a colossal musical mascara of both countrified guitar strokes and folk-esque vocals. And every note that’s played throughout this EP is beautiful. But they are also anthemic. Lead track “Do you wanna go out?” is the true example of this. A song that was made for the stage, within the first few seconds after pressing play, you are immediately filled with a desperation to chant along with Emily, as she gracefully, yet proudly croons her words. And then accompanied by the brave-lionhearted percussion, a foot-stomping anthem is born.

‘That girl’ brazenly maintains this theme of pure vigour. Opening with a wave of synth grooves, the stereotypical country blare is pushed aside, welcoming the unique variety of Emily’s musical talents. Likewise, to include such a galvanic-eruptive guitar solo within the track, you also manage to get a taste of the EP’s flexibility into exploring new sounds. It’s a simple way to leave your listener always wanting more. And I have to admit, I was.

Turning down the tempo, ‘Front Porch’ and ‘An Unwilling Heart’ depicts the tales of breaking up and feeling unwanted. “Sometimes when you look at me I can barely breathe, it’s like a thousand knives ripping through my lungs” she sings (in An Unwilling Heart), as her melancholic vocals whisper through the plucked strings. Equally, as lubricous as the other, I would suggest having a tissue at hand when listening to these tracks. ‘If I live to 100’ is another great song, again, demonstrating Lockett’s skills in providing range within music. It’s an acoustic ballad built around her isolated-tender vocals – turning away from the upbeat rhythms – and instead, taking you to a place of tranquillity and peace. 

In the words of famous country girl Taylor Swift, ‘Paint the Town Red’ is truly ‘Fearless’ and I am honestly amazed by what I listened to. So, if you’re looking for songs to belt your heart out to, something that will get your feet moving, or simply just to relax, then this EP is exactly what you need.  

You can purchase ‘Paint the Town Red’ here.

The full EP will be available to stream online later this year.

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