New single “No Hope For Love” taken from female-fronted indie band Emma and the Fragments newly released EP “Smile Til It Hurts” tells the timeless story of a failing relationship contrasting it with catchy guitar melodies and upbeat innocence.  

Beginning with a pacing drum beat with shimmering guitar chords overlaying it “No Hope For Love” creates an instantly optimistic sound that feels warm and energetic. Lead vocalist Emma’s beautiful, high-pitched voice floats effortlessly over this melody, untouched by any auto-tuning giving it a fresh and young quality and adding to the authenticity of the track which is also displayed in its lyrical topic.

Singing of the emptiness of an ending relationship where there is no passion or excitement left – a feeling most will have experienced at some stage in their lives – the lyrics of this track may be a darker contrast to its light and hopeful instrumentation but are raw and honest in their approach adding to the refreshing vibe the track brings.

Using the metaphor of a bird to discuss this more negative topic with lyrics such as “slight still wings that once took flight/did something die in the night?” Emma’s lyrical capability describes painful feelings in a way that is delicate and exquisite keeping the tracks overall energy one that is uplifting.  

With simple and subtle production matching its pure and fresh nature this song sounds youthful in a way that will undoubtedly strike a chord with fans of indie bands such as Circa Waves and Foals. A catchy chorus and racing drum beat add an energy to the track that would make it festival ready and encapsulate a live audience easily ticking a major box for indie rock success. Overall, “No Hope For Love” is a fun and delightfully cohesively put together track.