Empire Of Lights – Hit The Highway

Empire of Lights take us on a psychedelic space-rock journey with their latest tune ‘Hit The Highway’. The Welsh three-piece comprising of John Aziz, Eifion Davies and Simon Eversfield – follow up their previous prolific releases ‘Chasing Stardust’, ‘Shake Off The Heat’, ‘Across The Sky’, ‘Wake Me Up’ and ‘Thunderstrike’ – which were all put out in the last year.

Blending 60s and 70s psychedelia with a futuristic theme – the band actually take their name from a fictional space empire featured in one of vocalist John’s sci-fi stories. This fascination with intergalactic travel is present throughout each of their releases and ‘Hit The Highway’ is no different.

Starting off with an almost bluesy guitar lick, the pace is soon quickened as thundering drums kick in and Aziz’s vocals take flight. The lyrics talk of travelling down a cosmic highway, “speeding on” through neon lights, “floating in an ocean of stardust” and the ethereal ambience of a “golden symphony”.

Empire of Lights utilise vivid storytelling in their lyrics as they paint a detailed celestial picture in the mind of the listener. This otherworldly imagery and prog rock sensibility brings to mind the work of Pink Floyd.   

“My truth is stranger than your fiction / Music is my true religion”

The vocals hold a certain modern indie quality, yet there’s a real power to them reminiscent of classic rock icons like Jimi Hendrix. A further nod to Hendrix comes in the generous helping of searing psychedelic guitar work which weaves throughout the track. Impressive flourishing riffs, bathed in reverb, dance around the verses complete with extravagant solos backed by a forever thumping bassline.

 ‘Hit The Highwaymanages to capture both nostalgia and futurism in a 3 minute track. Pretty much out of this world.