A psychedelic, progressive piece of neo-punk metal. This was the mis-match of descriptive terms that lingered on my mildly-intoxicated mind after first hearing the latest number from Enamel Animal.

Now, by progressive, I am not only referring to the fresh sound of this piece, but the intense variation of the track from start to finish. It’s got this impressive flow, almost a descent into violence, starting off sounding like a psychedelic-pop tune, and metamorphosising into a piece of kick-in-the-balls grunge.

You can’t pin a generic structure over this piece, it just doesn’t fit. The variation in everything from the vocal performance to the tone of the guitar actually takes you somewhat by surprise as the song unfolds. It’s like an evolving creature, and in its final form, a very ticked-off one at that. 

I did feel as though certain sections of the song could have been trimmed and neatened a little bit. It’s a long tune after all, and quite frankly, it doesn’t need to be.

This does not, however, take away from the fact that it is in fact a very well written, and equally very well performed piece of music. It follows very much a well-established vibe, it’s a soundtrack to that late-night drive, the score to half a decade of teen angst, it’s a classic in its own right. It still carries with it a sense of freshness while showing off its roots very proudly. 

I was particularly impressed by the vocal performance in the song. It’s powerful, it cuts through without sounding too harsh. As the music gets heavier, the vocals get grittier, as the music cleans itself up, so do they. It’s a real talent to be able to retain smooth-as-silk pitch while throwing in a bit of grit. 

All-in-all, ‘Anymore’ is a great piece of neo-grunge, with a very fresh feel to it. Take a listen, make it the soundtrack to your next frustrated night in, it won’t disappoint.