Endless Season – Sit Down

London band Endless Season arrive on the scene with their debut track Sit Down. Resurrecting previously unfinished songwriter from the ashes, songwriter Anthony Fish started this project just this year, but already we have some music to hear from them.

Taking inspiration from past and present, the end result is a song which oozes 90s Pop-Punk vibes with its vibrant light rock vibes. In places it becomes more pop than punk for sure, but a strong melody and well thought out lyrics prevent it from ever approaching the grounds of too cheesy.

Like so much of this genre, the track is hurried along by a relentless riff, which barring a short bridge is ever present. This, along with the very prominent drums, have a very modern feel to them which keep the tune very fresh sounding, and usher it away from feeling like ‘just another one of those songs’.

The classic Pop-Punk feel comes from the vocals. The cleaner, melodic sound that naturally comes from Fish’s voice effortlessly compliments the rugged instrumentals to a tee. To think this is the first single they have created only adds further splendour to the fact they have established their sound so swiftly.

The mix of rugged and clean also translates into the lyrics, which again keep you on your toes throughout. You can never quite decide whether this is a song filled with despair or pumped full of hope as he chimes about losing it all, but also strives to get back to where he used to be. I think the true meaning is actually somewhere in the middle, feeling you could give up, but instead fighting on. Who doesn’t need that message in the times we are living in?

Overall, as I’ve said throughout this article I believe this is a very clever, well thought out debut single. Their mixture of old and new means you simultaneously feel nostalgia whilst still appreciating the freshness of their sound. Whether they decide to move more towards the traditional pop punk sound or continue to mix it up we don’t yet know, all we can do is wait eagerly for their next offering.

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