Enola Gay have taken the post-rock scene by storm. The Belfast four piece are currently over in the UK on a headline tour playing some of the best small venues across major cities including Manchester’s very own Gullivers.

Supporting Enola Gay this evening was Manchester’s very own DEH-YEY, a post-punk noise makers who were on fine form yesterday evening. Treating us to an ear bashing set of their finest tracks. Cash’s technical ability is outstanding, making the sound seem a lot bigger as though there were a full band.

The gritty guitar riffs and unusual dynamics make this band exciting, and something a little bit unique from other bands of the same genre currently on the scene. I do urge you to check out these guys for an unforgettable half an hour of unstructured madness. You can find more out about the lads HERE

There was a buzz about Oldham Street this evening as punters packed into Gullivers modest band room, adorned with retro furnishing (really really niiiiiice vintage lampshades).

Coming at a time in the industry when Irish post-punk is rife in the underground and grassroots scene, these fellas are holding their own. We have seen Fontaines DC and Gilla Band become prominent members of mainstream music with appearances in some of the biggest festivals worldwide. I would not be surprised if you see Enola Gay’s name on those bills in the next few years.

Front man Fionn Reilly is an impassioned young man, and perhaps justifiable as their music is inspired by political strife and unfortunate events, one involving a violent sectarian attack on one of the band resulting in serious injury.

The music is loud, raw and impassioned. Post-punk mixed with hip-hop elements which result in a chaotic mosh-pit that consumes you, floor shaking, crowd surfing, a sweaty mass of bodies rising and falling in unison.

Reilly’s distorted vocals reverberates through their ferocious set. There is an element of rave culture running through the veins of this band with the euphoric climax which is driven by a solid backline of bass element and drum rhythms throughout their set.

The band have already amassed a following which is clear to see, as the hardcore fans were singing the lyrics just as passionately as Reilly, with raised fists and meaning every single word. The band are playing more UK dates including the hotly ticketed Download Festival this weekend. If they continue in this trajectory, I imagine they will be creeping up the bill in years to come.

You can find more out about Enola Gay HERE.