Enrico Costa releases his new single – L’amore Che Resta

Italian singer-songwriter Enrico Costa has recently shared his latest single, ‘L’amore Che Resta’, which has already reached over 100,000 streams across streaming services. The release of ‘L’amore Che Resta’ follows on from a series of YouTube videos that Enrico had created, exploring different genres, covering different artists where he continuously received positive feedback.

In love with music from a young age, Enrico Costa is following in the footsteps of his father, Maurizio, who was a finalist at the Italian music festival and contest, Castrocaro in 1984. Growing up in a musical community, Enrico Costa found himself becoming a friend of legendary Italian musician Bruno Illiano, with whom he has had the opportunity to collaborate with on several occasions.

Throughout ‘L’amore Che Resta’, it becomes clear that Enrico Costa has grown up in a talented household – which has only benefitted his own musical releases. The track emphasises the beauty of the Italian language, in the shape of a romantic love song which sees Enrico Costa’s emotions run high.

With over 100,000 streams already to its name, it’s clear that people are loving ‘L’amore Che Resta’. With the track gaining radio play across Europe, the only way is up for Enrico Costa who displays musical and lyrical talent which pays homage to his homeland with elements of traditional Italian music combined with a modern twist.