ERNIE – Rise, Hustle. (ft. FRANZ VON)

Electronic/synthpop artist ERNIE (aka Joshua Roberts) is a Sheffield-based musician that takes inspiration from electronica, chillwave, trip-hop, rock and jazz. ERNIE provides a great demonstration of this genre-fusing technique in their new single ‘Rise, Hustle.’.

Enveloped in a cloud of twinkly synth and rolling hi-hats’, ‘Rise, Hustle.’ is a perfect example of ERNIE’s strong love for a technological sound.

This track is fit with a spacey electronic musical backing that isn’t anything spectacular or wacky, but it does the job in serving the song. The main focal point to it all, and what ties everything together, is the vocal performance from MC and hip-hop artist FRANZ VON. His talented display of lyricism brings a grounded centre to the tune.

Carrying a clear message that can be deciphered simply from the title, the motive of working towards success appears pretty clear. As a result, the sentimental quantity of the track seems to stop at the surface. For me, personally, it then becomes quite tricky to become invested in a song that is fairly uncomplicated emotionally. Maybe in the future we could see ERNIE tell more of a story through his music.

In a previous review of ERNIE’s work by RGM, it was said that we should keep our ears peeled for what they do next. Well, once again, they have shown us that they have talent. For that reason, I can only remind you of this message, as I reckon ERNIE still has a lot more to give us.

After time, I’m sure Joshua will look back on this song and see it as just a stepping stone in the direction of (you guessed it) their rise and hustle.

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