Escafeld : One Too Many

Its fast, its loud, it’s the latest single from Escafeld and it’s a good one. ‘One Too Many’ is the Sheffield lads, Escafeld’s latest single and they are putting their past experiences in music to good use by producing a great piece of indie rock.

You can tell this song is designed to be listened to live, the lads know that’s where the fun is in the music industry. The rolling drum beat over a slick guitar riff builds the energy in the crowd up before triggering the fast-paced rhythm and drums with a tasty slide down the guitar neck. It’s got the typical indie rock rhythm that will have you dancing and turning to your mate saying ‘Yeah! Here we go!’ 

‘One Too Many’ isn’t without its flaws however as the chorus can feel very repetitive which isn’t a problem when played live as the music in the background will create a great party atmosphere and carry the song. However, listening to it with headphones in it can feel a bit boring and bland.

The song shows Escafeld’s quality in making good music especially for playing live. They have found the recipe for great live music, now its time for them to make music that is great live and on record which judging from ‘One Too Many’ it won’t be long till they succeed.