Escapades – Star Collisions

Available to stream now on all major streaming platforms the latest single from North West Based 5 piece ‘Escapades’ is described as a new beginning for the band. Seeing it described in the press release as a ‘concept’ single, I felt a little bit apprehensive about pressing play. When I read that phrase, I always worry that it will be a little pretentious but from the second the isolated bassline reached my ears, I knew I was on to a winner!

A synth laden indie-pop delight, this track impresses and surprises throughout with an effortless blurring of genres and changes of tempo including a fabulous heavy instrumental interval 3 minutes in. To be honest, I would almost love to hear that riff extended just a little bit more, it doesn’t need it, it’s pure greed on my part because it is such an exciting and unexpected part of the song – you just know that it will go off at a gig! But with that said, I love the way the band takes you on a journey with this one, they get you all riled up and then slow it right back down seamlessly.  

With honey rich vocals and metaphor loaded lyrics, it’s not just the instrumentals that impress and it is very easy to see why this band have made Sound City’s top 100 bands. This band has got a lot to offer and I love that they have a female vocalist because whilst more are always emerging, it still feels like a bit of a rarity in this genre of music. She has a stunning voice that suits the instrumentals to a tee and I think it really elovates the band and sets them apart from a lot of indie that is around at the minute. I loved this song and I’m very excited to see what this new beginning holds for them.