ESKOBAR NEEDS YOU! Share your views with the band.

For decades the film industry has been inviting audiences to screening rooms around the globe to be treated to a secret preview of an upcoming blockbuster and then grilled by executives with clipboards as to what they liked/hated and then feed this back the producers to make the adequate changes. This approach is how we end up with great films like Fatal Attraction, Little Shop of Horrors and, um, Catwoman. So why haven’t more artists used this approach? How many times have you listened to a deluxe version of your favourite record and be baffled how so many of their demos or what became B-sides never made it onto the finished LP.

Sweden’s highly acclaimed Eskobar have the foresight to invite music lovers from around the world to critique tracks that will or will not make their upcoming album ‘ Chapter 2′ Oh, how you voted.

‘Chapter 2’ is Eskobar‘s self produced love letter to 90’s British indie. The music that we all used to dance and party to back in the day. They’ve been inspired among others by The Stone Roses, The Charlatans, Soup Dragons, House Of Love and Oasis; a scene the band fondly refer to as “Northie”. But the album isn’t only inspired by the Northern indie heroes, as there are plenty of hints to early 90’s more electronic acts like The Stereo Mc’s, EMF, Jesus Jones with subtle nods to hip-hop.

So here is your moment to share your views with the band and help them make yet another great album. You are beautiful people and don’t forget to share. We may have left the EU but it’s not too late to reach out and help a fellow European indie band.

For anymore information on future releases or tour dates check out their website here: http://eskobar.com/