Esports Player – Self-Care

This is the type of music that makes you want to crack open your favourite drink and sit outside in the sunshine. Well, we have the sunshine (as I’m writing this we do anyway) and it’s a free-bar at home after all!

Esports Players’ debut single is a synth-pop anthem armed with a hazy electronic production. Bringing you up to speed, Esports Player is the name of the solo project of Nottingham singer-songwriter, Jack Kwiecinski.

“Love doesn’t work anymore, it only makes me unsure” is a prominent hook-line that will sink its teeth into your brain. Bathed in a, sadly, relatable concept, ‘Self-Care‘ is about social isolation, anxiety and the breakdown of relationships, something we have all experienced in some way during the past year.

Mourning a period of highs and wanting to be with your close ones more than ever, ‘Self-care’ feels like a reminder to let the people in your life know how much you care.

With the majority of the track self-produced at Jack’s home, part of the track was remotely produced by Merseyside-duo Sugar House. Instrumentally, the track is simple, sophisticated and in places, sassy too.