Ethan & The Reformation – Lost in Wonder

Taking inspiration from the drug-fuelled psychedelic rock of the 60’s and the 70’s, Lost in Wonder will have you lost in wonder as well. 

Ethan & The Reformation take some of the core fundamentals of rock’n’roll and work them into otherworldly sounds that are recognisable but simultaneously alien. Acting like alchemists as they work with their craft, the ever-changing twangs that alter pitch to a near uncomfortable degree leave a long-lasting mark on the listener.

With a tempo that’s as slow as molasses, and different string notes that are distorted across a spectrum of highs and lows you’re brought along on a psychedelic journey that’s all it’s own. 

With a five-minute runtime, which on most songs is getting lengthy (barring certain genres such as prog of course), it pulls through to the end at a mind-bending pace. As if Ethan & The Reformation managed to bend time itself, the song is suddenly over in what feels like a couple of minutes. Adding to this is the fact that, Lost in Wonder feels as though it’s about to pick up the pace and break out of the slow rhythm at several points. This never comes though, instead of sticking to the thick, atmospheric bubble that’s been built from the get-go. 

Lost in Wonder feels like a distilled mixture of that psychedelic rock style, with its mind-bending sound design, and aforementioned timing. It gets to the core of what it wants to be and takes the listener for a ride down the figurative rabbit hole.