Ettie – Manic pixie dream girl

Singer-songwriter ettie releases the first track off of her highly anticipated debut EP. Titled ‘manic pixie dream girl’, the track’s name may have its head in the clouds, but the song’s hidden message is a lot more down to earth. Telling the story of romanticisation of women’s mental health in the media, manic pixie dream girl is based around an image of a trouble woman who is only there to help the ‘main male character’ gain personal growth. Bathed in metaphors and relatable for women across the globe, the track reflects not only ettie’s own battle with mental health but many around the world.

Inspired by the pop-punk industry, this alternative pop anthem is about manic pixie dream girl’s perspective and walks across familiar territory. Raw, honest and fuelled with teenage angst, ettie’s latest offering is built with confidence and heart on sleeve lyricism. Only releasing music for the last two years, ettie has definitely evolved into a strong artist and found her signature sound. Accompanied with fierce vocals, hypnotic percussion and playful guitar melodies, this is easily one of the simplistic yet strongest singles of May.

If ettie’s forthcoming EP is anything like this track, we’re in for a whirlwind adventure of emotions straight from the heart.