EXTRAS – Previous Scene

Burton-on-Trent four-piece EXTRAS present a new (and irresistibly indie) single ‘Previous Scene’.

The follow up to their 2020 releases ‘Act Fast’, ‘I Know You Know’ and ‘Spit Me Out’, this latest track was worked on and put together by the band over numerous Zoom calls during these strange pandemic times. The result? A pretty tidy tune with elements noughties-flavoured indie peppered throughout.

Lyrically, it’s about someone who feels they should stay single and ‘on the market’ – and maybe that’s what is expected of them by others. “They want you up on that stage again”
But with the prospect of a meaningful relationship, they’re reminded that the single life is “not the way it has to be”.

From the opening snappy drums, jangly guitar sound, punchy beat, not to mention a catchy chorus – it’s a recipe for nostalgia. Complete with Scrimshaw’s vocals and the band’s harmonies – it feels like a nod to acts such as Milburn, The Cribs, The Pigeon Detectives. Artists of a certain era that some of us reminisce and others are perhaps a bit too young to remember in their prime.

Encapsulating the sound of a seminal time in music and with a clever use of film terminology (“silver screen”, “waiting in the wings”, “in the sequel”) – ’Previous Scene’ proves EXTRAS are far from the supporting actors, they’re the lead in this reboot.