False Heads : Fall Around

No strangers to RGM, False Heads return with their latest single “Fall Around” on October 25th. It’s no wonder that the band have been described as one of the best lives bands in the world when they drop a new single like this. As the first single to be taken from their debut album, arriving in 2020, the East London trio are reaching for the stars within their tracks. The sky is the limit and nothing will keep them on the ground even if they tried. 

Addictive and creating an overall sound of intensity, “Fall Around” identifies as a heavy indie rock tune. Infectiously making it’s way into your head, the melody is that catchy that it’s as easier to grab more than the common cold. Luke Griffiths of False Heads stated that the track came about after trying to write a distorted punk version of an upbeat Elliot Smith track.

After attempting to write lyrics about confusion towards organised religion, the lyrics ended up feeling more sarcastic and bitter. Saying that the overall sound is intense and is fit for a stadium.

Energetic and able to rocket the band straight to stardom, this could well be the track that elevates the band upwards. Watching this band grow from strength to strength is breathtaking, and we’re looking forward to hearing how they evolve over time.  

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