Fauna – Ride The Night

Ride The Night‘ is the new single from Fauna, a 4 piece from Manchester. Adorned in fuzzy jackets and with circular sunglasses, accompanied by faux-80s graphics – Fauna project themselves as a little bit Jefferson Airplane – a little bit Miami Vice. Can that work?

A strong opening of slightly tropical, sad ice-cream van guitar progresses into a track which hovers around the later ‘Come Around Sundown” Kings of Leon territory. It somehow simultaneously feels like it wouldn’t be out of place sampled for a heaving late-90s club anthem. I’m confused, but that’s fine. I’m a time traveller.

The Kings Of Leon influence is further evidenced by a few borrowed Followill vocal tics. Pronunciation is an amalgamation of a few recognisable tics from all over the indie-pop landscape. Unfortunately trying to decipher the lyrics at some points is the only thing demanding any real attention, this dreamy song may demand a little more vocal clarity. Is this about an extended session of furious loving-making? Am I riding around in a Testarossa? Maybe it’s about both of those things. All of a sudden I feel very tired.

Sparkling layered effects and high production value really lift this track up, but it lacks focus and any real specific bite. The accompanying track “Easier Soon” features a particularly lovely, big sounding, fret-buzzy guitar – check that one out.

The band have just wrapped things up in the studio and their new single ‘Talk To Me’ is out March 14th.